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At the end of this training, the participant will understand what is specific to business sense in order to ensure his professional development and will have developed the skills, aptitudes and attitudes necessary for the management of an independent entrepreneurial career by the knowledge of:

→ Different markets in the circus sector;

→ Conditions and requirements related to entrepreneurship;

→ Elements and basic principles related to taxation, insurance, administrative and legal aspects;

→ Career management tools.

→ Contractual obligations



  • Laptop with microphone.

  • Access to Microsoft Word and Excel or other equivalent software



          1-Intensive group and classroom training

               24 hours, 2 weekends (or 4 days) at 6h per day of class


            2-Individual or small group online training (videoconferencing, email, videos)

              24 hours, 6 weeks, 4 hours per week

 *Currently most likely to be given online during the pandemic





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