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Specialized Workshops

With an eye for further developing her successful international career, Julie Lavergne quickly demonstrated excellent business acumen and extraordinary creativity. As a circus artist who also had training in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship, she brought her shows to over 36 countries, gaining recognition the world over. Possessing excellent management skills in the arts sector, she has chosen today to expand her target audience and present various workshops related to starting and managing a circus career. These customized workshops can be adapted to different groups and can meet a variety of objectives. 


Her customized course Artistic Career Management has been approved and introduced a part of the Diploma of collegial studies in circus arts at the CEGEP Limoilou. Today, she offers a variant of this course in the form of and intensive training for artists and self-employed workers of the cultural field, as well as other bespoke trainings relevant to an artistic career.



General training in Artistic Career Management

ARTISTIC CAREER MANAGEMENT is intended to help artists (mainly circus) to familiarize themselves with the different facets of the field, and better position themselves with the profession of being a circus artist. Among the topics that will be explored are: developing a work ethic, balancing time management between the creative and entrepreneurial aspects of one’s work, independently managing one’s career, writing contracts and international career development. This workshop brings the participant to prepare himself for his transition into the world of being a professional free-lance circus artist and / or to consolidate his already existing status as a professional artist.

The Circus Artist ➩ Independent Free-lance worker

This course offers strategies for developing the essential skills for being a free-lance artist and link them to your career plan. The profession of artist is intimately linked to the profession of entrepreneur, quite simply because one cannot go without the other. This class will bring the participant to become aware of the qualities and skills required to 1. Put his ideas and his product (s) on the market 2. Better manage the status of self-employed worker 3. Recognize and understand the differences between the status of a self-employed worker and an employee.

Artistic Identity and Marketing

This further training program is suitable for any entrepreneur wishing to develop artistic products and / or non-traditional products. Among the topics covered are: self-analysis, creativity in an entrepreneurial context, finding and managing your brand image as well as some ideas to "boost" your marketing.

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