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Artistic direction


Julie offers the possibility to choose, build and coordinate several projects in the circus field while giving coherence to the structure of the project and ensuring its artistic identity. She must, on a regular basis, recruit artists and performers to broaden her own repertoire of talents and is always on the lookout, where it should be, to detect new artists. She offers her services for different organizations, but is, above all, the artistic co-director of the special events department of the company:

Machine de Cirque.

Being an artist herself, she sometimes performs in her own shows in addition to her functions as a director. Julie also implements the overall guidelines to be followed while supervising all production staff.


Among the projects she manages:

Cabarets & Festivals | Private and corporate events | Grand Corporate Galas | Conventions & Congresses |

Variety Shows | Weddings

Artistic Advisor

In connection with her function as artistic director, Julie oversees the creation of circus acts, where the artists (or apprentice artists) choose the nature of their aesthetic universe by themselves. She acts as an advisor throughout the creation process by motivating, initiating and helping each person to find their uniqueness and to develop their own distinctive creative identity.



Julie ensures the process of creating shows for which she designs the scenarios. She strives to put conditions together that are favorable to the complete expression of what circus artists feel and understand from his role in the show. While establishing the coherence of the whole representation, she promotes a spirit of collaboration between the different designers and performers. By ensuring that all the elements that harmonizes the creation are present (acting, rhythms, costumes, decorations, lights), she will also supervise the general aspect of the project.





Special Events - Machine de Cirque | Casting and Artistic Co-Director

 "A la Carte" and special individual show-creation requests. 












Quebec circus school Christmas cabarets | Artistic Director

Evening combining a high-end circus show and gourmet meal.












AML Dinner Cruise | Project manager and Artist

A cruise combining circus performances and gourmet meal.











  The Masked Ball of the Quebec Circus School | Artistic director

A fund raising show for children and adults with special needs. 











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Québec 2nd Avenue at GOP-Variete | Project Manager and Artistic Co-Director

A show creation combining pioneer artists from Quebec City - Germany 2012 to 2014












Dodé Show - Quebec Summer Festival | Acrobatic Advisor and Project Manager

A collaboration of the Quebec Circus School and "L'Aubergine de la Macédoine" Theater - Quebec 2016