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At the end of this theoretical training,  the participant will understand what distinguishes the status of being a self-employed from the typical employees status. He will understand the similarities between the skills related to the profession of being an artist and being a self-employed. He will have developed specific skills, aptitudes and attitudes to better initiate his own management through the knowledge of:


  • Using their own tools, place of work and equipment.

  • Applying tips for better self-representation in the job market

  • Living with the risk-taking factor engendered when being a free-lance worker in term of finances, personal concerns and social aspects. 



· Laptop with microphone.

· Access to Microsoft Word or other equivalent software



     1-Intensive 4 hours individual or group in classroom 

     2-Individual or small group online training (videoconferencing, email, videos) | 4 hours → 2 x 2 hours


*Currently most likely to be given online during the pandemic

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