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During this special training, the participant will learn how to determine his own strengths and define his personal brand image. The purpose of this training is to help the participant to better establish his artistic style relying on his values ​​and goals, in order to better understand his artistic identity. He will have developed skills, aptitudes and attitudes that are decisive to initiate his own "marketing plan" through the knowledges of:

→ Different methods to better identify his artistic environment;

→ Conditions and requirements related to the promotion of an artistic product;

→ Tools to identify its target customers;

→ Methods to boost its brand image and its marketing.



  • Laptop with microphone and camera for videoconferencing.

  • Access to Microsoft Word and Excel or other equivalent software



        In person or online (group or private).

         6 hours, 3 x 2 hours

 *Currently most likely to be given online during the pandemic


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